Scroll through Presets?

I’m programming the MC6 Pro for the first time.

Let’s say I have banks 1-8 and in banks 4-8 I have 4-5 presets organized by a category. Let’s say I have 30 presets total that change presets on several pedals at once (like song settings)
Bank 3 - Clean
Bank 4- Dirty
Bank 5 - Wet

In bank 1, I wanted to use two switches to simply scroll up and down through my 30 presets.
I don’t know how to do this exactly without having each preset as a bank, which doesn’t seem to be what I really want to do.
I’m coming from a Disaster Area qConnect where I’d just scroll up and down through a collection of preset sounds.

Any help welcome.

This recent ish thread is relevant I think: Setlist - Songs - Presets - essentially, use Message Scroll to fire preset recall commands.

That said: the beauty of the MC series is that you DON’T need to simply scroll to reach sounds. It’s so easy to program banks with your core sounds (a bank of dirts, a bank of chorus etc effects, whatever) and then use other banks to recall those however you want.

For example, I’ve got a bank of presets that recalls filter sounds on my C4 pedal. And another bank for dirts from the Aftershock. And another bank of chorus, flange, phaser from my Mercury.

Then I’ve got my “core sounds” and “song” banks that simply recall those presets as I need them

I hear you. But I still would like to simply scroll through preset combinations. That thread doesn’t quite get me there, I think. I mean, it does but in a clumsy sort of way where you have to use a whole bank for a song.

No, you don’t. Simply skip the one bank per song bit :upside_down_face:

Setlist manager? I’m not at all sure. I’ll have to look closer at that as it’s not clear to me how that works.

For your purposes that feature isn’t nessecary, focus on the ‘message scroll’ and ‘engage preset’ function. Set up your presets as you wish and then programm a switch to scroll through your presets by enableing ‘message scroll’. You have to programm ‘engage preset’ messages which point at those presets to that patch.

I see. But then am I limited to 16 messages to scroll through and thus just 16 presets?

Yes, but you could build a cascade. Programm a preset to trigger other presets which you have programmed to scroll through presets. Would be a nightmare to set this up, but you’d end up with 16×16 presets

On a second thought would be nice to have something like an ‘engage next/last preset’ message type. Maybe you could post a feature request. The morningstar devs a pretty open for stuff like that. If the hardware can support this you might get this in a future update.

32 messages, not 16, if you’re using the MC6 Pro, isn’t it?

Good point. There are 32 messages so this will work for me. I can have one button just message scroll through a list of Engage Preset messages. What it doesn’t quite do though is let me scroll backwards through it. Still, for now, probably good enough.

EDIT… wait…found a post saying this was added in an update:

  • Add Reverse Message Scroll feature
    • Use a Utility message type >> Manage Preset Msg Scroll to toggle direction etc with another action


Yeah, exactly that, use eg use Long Press for “reverse direction” and Release for your scroll messages.

I’ve never tried it, but I wonder if (you’d have to sacrifice a message per preset) you could add a “go to next page” Release message alongside the last “scroll” Release message… maybe that could hop to page 2, where you’d have another scroll addressing the next range of presets.