Scroll Counter Offset

Hi currently there is only an option to use an offset of 1. My voicelive 3 has 4 banks of 127 and the patches are numbered consecutively. once I get above bank 0 the counter is no longer matching the display so it would be good if the offset could be set to any value.

this way I can select bank 1 cc32 value 1 and then configure a counter reset to count from 128 to 256 instead of the 1 to 128 I have now.

Might only be possible when we add a new “CC Bank Select” message type (which just sends a CC#0 and CC#32 message with the specified values), along with a parameter to select which scroll counter to apply this to, so the controller knows when to offset the display for which counter based on this.

Not sure when we can work on this yet though - this is the first request we’ve got about this. I’ve added it to our backlog

Thanks the other feature related to this is adding labels to the counters. Now I have so many counters I have to track them all manually so that I can reset them where appropriate. It would be nice to label the counters in much the same way as you can label the MIDI channels. It makes it so much easier to configure what device I’m sending the message to when I can select the name rather than the channel number. The same would apply to a counter.

To explain I’ve set up a patch that sets both my VL3 and GR55 to the presets for a specific song. When I press the patch I also need to reset the counters to match, i.e the counter for the VL might be Bank 0 patch 106 and the GR55 bank 2 patch 20. So when I go from the VL3 bank I see the correct counters for the patch I just selected and the same applies to the GR55 bank I see the correct counters displayed. I had to write all the counters down on paper so I could remember what counters to set to what. That would have been so much easier if the counter had labels e.g. VL3Bank, GR55bank, VLPatch and GR55Patch.

You can enable this experimental feature in the Editor Settings:

Then, in the Scroll Counter page, you can see the option to label the counters:

And then when you set up a PC scroll, the labels are visible:

Do note that the data is saved in the editor only. If you plug in a different controller, it’s going to show the same label, unless you load another Editor profile.

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Ahead of the game, nice. Thank you. That’s next on my to learn list how to back up and restore the configuration before I start really configuring the MC6 fully.