Screen color of MC8

Hi, The MC8 shown in the Morningstar website has a black screen and white lettering. Mine is white screen and black letters. How to I change between these two color modes? I don’t see anything obvious so far in the editor. Could be missing something. I am new to both MC8 and MIDI. Appreciate any pointers.


Can’t. It’s an old version of hardware / new version of hardware thing.

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Hi. From 3 August 2021, we moved to LCD screens with white backgrounds for the MC8. The Quality Control reject rate of the previous black ones was getting too high and we could not continue to use them. We changed all our product photos to reflect this change in color as well. Since then we’ve also had some customers ask how they can change their black screens to white (and vice versa). Both colors work great but the QC rejection rate was something we could no longer accept.

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Thanks for clarification. This is not a problem of course. just was curious when I saw the images on website.