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Hi all, I’m new and desperatly waiting for my MC8 to arrive :smiley:

Now I wonder, in my old Loop switchers in manual mode I could activate loops and seve the current state to the, is there a way to have toggle switches in a preset to dis-/engage my midi pedals or choose PC or CC settings (and loops of the ML5) and then save the current state to the preset?

Thank you so much and all the best!!!

Hi. You can do that for the ML5. Use the CC messages to toggle the loops you want on/off and then use Learn Mode to save the current state. We show you how in this video:

This is not possible with MIDI-capable pedals as the engaged/bypassed state for each pedal is saved on the effect pedal itself and not on the MIDI controller.

Can I jump in pls.
I am trying to understand a possible setup (pls correct me if my understanding is wrong).

If I use MC6 and ML5 for switching pedals, I can do as follows:

  1. Choose a preset on MC6 (e.g. loop 1 off, loop 2 on, etc.)
  2. Toggle loop 1 on
  3. -//- off
  4. change preset

If I link 2 ML5 can I use extension switch to toggle loops? If yes, how many?

Thx in advance

Hi. Please watch this video to understand how the ML5 works:

Yes, you can link as many ML5s together as you need. They have MIDI in and thru ports that allow them to be MIDI chained.

If you set each of them to different MIDI channels, you will have independent control of all 10 loops. You can also use the Learn feature on both of them, but you will need to make sure to send the PC message to both ML5s

If you set both ML5s to the same MIDI channel, they will respond as a single device when you use the Learn feature. But this way you will not have independent control of all 10 loops.

I may be misunderstanding but I use an ML5 along with a DD200 outside of the ML5. I just add a CC to the preset after the PC # for the ML5 to turn on or off the effect. Still in my signal chain but allows for trails and keeps an extra loop free on my ML5. It’ll depend on the midi pedals you’re using, but most should have an Engage/Disengage via midi.

Yes. If your pedal is MIDI-capable, you do not need to run it through the ML5. The ML5 is for non-MIDI pedals that you want to control with MIDI.

Thanks for response. I will simplify the question.
Can MC6 + ML5 work as a loop strip (provided there are aux switches) meanwhile being able to recall presets?

Yes. CCs activate individual loops (pedals) and PCs are presets. Just turn on which loops you want as a preset and hold the Learn button for a few. When you let go it’ll be blinking and then just send any PC # from the MC6. Now every time you send that PC #, those loops will activate.

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