Saving Fractal FM3 Integration Presets

Is there a way to save my full set of FM3 presets and scenes after Fractal integration?
My MC6 always opens on bank 8 for some reason, then I have to bank up to bank 1 switch A to trigger FM3 integration. Is there a way to save the full data set to the MC6 to obviate the need for this process?
Thank you
Peter M

Welcome! If you leave this Global setting off, then the controller should boot to bank one:

Load last used bank on power up: Enabling this option will allow the controller to load your last used bank when it is powered up.

If needed, you can add On Enter messages to Bank One to trigger “stuff”

Thank you. The setting was off but I have turned it off again. The MC 6 still starts up at bank 10. I’ll keep on trying.

If the ‘Load last used bank’ setting is Off and it still starts up on Bank 10, there can be a few reasons:

  1. Is there any Bank Preset messages being sent on Bank 1 with an On Enter event? Possibly a PC#9 message is being sent out when it is powered up and then reaches back to the MC6 which then respond to the PC#9 message by changing to Bank 10.
  2. Another device is possibly sending the PC#9 message.

Can you try disconnecting the cable connected to the MC6 MIDI Input and see if the issue still persists?

It looks like the FM3 is sending the MC6 to the bank that corresponds with my last used preset. I.E. If I end my night on preset 10 Brit 800 , the FM3 starts the MC6 on bank 10. That’s progress. Thank you for your help.

I’ve settled my differences with the FM3 integration mode. Once it’s initiated, can the presets be stored on the MC6 so that I can use my aux switch to bank up, down, and activate the tuner? At the moment the MC6 is too unstable and often displays a device not found message after stepping on a switch requiring a return to the FM3 integration preset mid-song. The aux switch will activate the tuner but is otherwise a bit useless.
Thank you.