Saving a preset created on Chase Bliss Condor


This is my first dive into midi

Using Chase Bliss Condor and MC3 through output 3 (with MC3 dip switch set to ring)

I love the Morningstar editor but,

How do I save a preset for a sound created entirely with the Condor (turning knobs, flipping switches, etc?) ?

In other words, how would I use the MC3 to save presets created with the Condor only without ever using the editor? Or how do I get and view the parameters of the Condor in the Morningatar editor.

Probably a simple answer but again, this is my first foray into midi. Please be merciful in your response

Thx :blush:

I am also new to MIDI. Important thing to know is Chase Bliss pedals cannot send MIDI, they only accept MIDI.


You save a preset by sending a MIDI Program Change message while holding down both stomp switches. For example,
sending a Program Change message of 45 while holding down both stomp switches will save your current settings to
preset 45. There are 122 total slots. Slots 1 and 2 are the presets that can be saved and activated directly from
the pedal via the preset toggle. Slot 1 is the right slot. Slot 2 is the left slot.