Same switch-function on all banks


I’m new to the morningstar world (I currently have the MC6PRO and soon the ML10X) and have two questions:

  1. I would like to have a switch on all my banks. How do I do that? Somehow I can’t get it to work with “Global Message Parameter Update”.
    I would be grateful for help!

  2. I would like to program this switch (which remains the same on all banks) with a long press. But the command only ever happens when I release the switch (there would be “long press release” for this function, right?). How do I do it so that the command is executed with a long press and not only when I release it. (the action set is “long press”)

Thanks, Sigi

If you copy a preset and triple click on paste it will be copied to all banks.

Some commands like bank or page jumps can only trigger on release afaik.


Thanks a lot… The triple click. :see_no_evil: Yes, thanks for the reminder. I’ve read about it.

And yes, it’s indeed a bank jump. Good to know.