SA Collider Bypass Preset Help

Recently purchased an SA Collider and I’m loving it. However, I’m unable to bypass it and/or turn presets on/off. Any ideas? I’ve tried CC # 110 but that doesn’t exist in the midi dictionary. Here are my settings:

I don’t have it on my board anymore but I always just used the two you’re using in your picture. If you want to toggle both on/off at the same time with one message you would use CC110 but you need to use a 0 to disengage both and a separate 127 to engage both. If that fits your flow then cool, otherwise you could use the 102/104 like you’re using. You don’t need all 4 of these though as cc102/104 use any value to just toggle the side on or off, where as 101/103/110 use specific values to either engage or disengage the pedal. Long story short if all you’re trying to achieve is one click toggles on/off both A and B sides of the collider, you can just have two messages (both left on Pos Both)

For some reason CC110 doesn’t work