Running Through 3 Amps With One ML10X?


I have a weird question for you guys.

I run a W/D/W rig, so in other words I use 3 amps. 1 “dry” amp and 2 stereo “wet” amps.
I have a total of 7 effect pedals, 3 of which are stereo.
On the “dry” side of my board I have: Univibe, Fuzz, Flanger and an EQ. These 4 are all mono.
On the “wet” side of my board I have: Modulation, Reverb and Delay. These 3 are all stereo.

Now, the “wet” amps are not completely wet as the dry signal goes through to them but non of the wet effects goes through the dry amp.

The one piece that’s missing in my setup is a proper switcher and the one I want is the ML10X. Since 4 of my pedals are mono they would fit in 2 of the ML10X’s loops, leaving 3 loops for my 3 stereo pedals, so that works perfectly. However, the problem is - how would I go about sending the dry effects to my dry amp and have that signal go back into the ML10X and then through the wet effects that then goes off to my 2 wet amps (in stereo)? Well, would it be possible to skip the stereo function on one of my 3 wet effect pedals (say, the modulation pedal for example) and run it in mono instead, leaving one mono loop for the amp? I do have a Suhr LineOut Box (basically a splitter that converts the signal to line level on one of its outputs) that I’m already using in order to run my dry amp signal back to my pedal board and through all my wet effects without frying them. So would it be possible to run this line level converted signal from my amp back to the last mono loop of the ML10X? Then I could just have the output of the ML10X go to my 2 wet amps. In theory I see no reason why this shouldn’t work, but perhaps I’m missing something? I do want to be able to decide which of any of the effect pedals are being used and in which order of course, hence why I want a switcher. The mono loop where the dry amp sits would have to be active at all times, even if I don’t want the modulation effect with which it shares a loop to be active.

So, would this be possible or is there another way to achieve what I’m after? I would have to sacrifice the stereo function of one of my wet effect pedals but if it stands between that and having to buy 2 ML10X’s then that would be an acceptable sacrifice.

So, just to clarify, can one mono loop on the ML10X be hooked up to an amplifier? The amplifier would basically take the place of an effect pedal.

If your dry amp has an fx loop that would be possible. I placed a passive y-split in the fx loop of my dry amp to achieve this.
Signal chain is:
Guitar -switcher dry fx - switcher loop send - amp (dry) input - amp (dry) fx send - y split input - y split direct out - amp (dry) fx return.
y split isolated out - switcher loop return - switcher wet fx (stereo) - switcher stereo out - stereo power amp

This routes the pre amp section of my dry amp to three different power amps.

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Ok. In my case I want the power amp of my dry amp to actually colour the tone, so I don’t go through the FX-loop. I instead run the signal out from the regular amp output (so after the power amp) and then into a Suhr LineOut Box, which basically splits the signal just like your Y-split but it also brings one of those split signals down to line level, allowing me to run that signal back to my board and through all the wet effects without frying my pedals. So the signal is still coloured by the entire amp and not just the preamp section.

The other split signal just passes through the Suhr LineOut Box unaltered (so it’s a pure post power amp signal) and then straight into my dry cab.

However, so if I get you correctly it IS possible to have the dry amplifier sit in one of the loops of the ML10X, and that’s really the only thing that’s important here. As long as I can do that it means one ML10X would be sufficient for my needs.

Also, come to think of it - all of my wet effects are digital AND are MIDI-controllable, so I could even place them outside of the ML10X if I want to. As long as I don’t need to be able to rearrange their positions in the effect chain on the fly they don’t really need to take up loop space in the ML10X. For instance, my delay pedal (a Boss DD-500) will probably always sit last in my effect chain so I can keep that one outside of the ML10X completely and keep my reverb (a Boss RV-500) and modulation (a Boss MD-500) in the ML10X loops. That would mean I could still rearrange those two if I want to.

Hmm, delay after reverb is an unusual choice. What genre are you into if I may ask?
How are your wet effects amplified then? FRFR/PA speaker?

I play progressive metal/rock.

The entire rig consists of 3 amplifiers and a PA.

The dry amp is an Orange TH30 head (30w valve amp).
The wet Amps are two Hughes & Kettner Vortex Black Series heads (100w solid state).

The Orange runs through 2 Harley Benton 2X12 cabs (Celestion V30 speakers).
The 2 Hughs & Kettner amps run through 2 Hughes & Kettner 4X12 cabs (Celestion Rockdriver Jr. Speakers).

The PA is just there for my Talkbox effect.

Wow, that’s a lot of gear to carry around. One of the reason why I ditched the w/d/w thing is that it’s just too much stuff. And I have just three 2x12 and a 50/50 rack power amp. Three heads and two 4x12? I’d do only if I could afford some roadies :rofl:

Well, I’m no gigging musician anymore so size and weight is no longer an issue for me. So I can go as crazy as I want with this stuff as long as it fits in my house :grin: