Running half of the loops in HX Stomp Loop, half post HX Stomp

I’m considering upgrading my ML5 to an ML10X. Currently I run the ML5 in one of the mono loops of my HX Stomp so I can route my drives after any pitch/compressor effects etc.

One of the reasons I’m considering the ML10X is for running stereo wet effects in parallel. Was looking at the GFI Duophony, which I know has more functionality than the ML10X, but parallel routing combined with reordered loops seems more valuable for me, and maybe with future updates ML10X will offer more functionality that the Duophony has.

I run stereo out of my HX Stomp into my stereo effects so curious if there’s a way I could run say, 5-6 mono effects from the ML10X into a mono loop of the HX Stomp, and then 2 stereo effects in the ML10X post HX Stomp.

I feel like it’s possible using like a 4CM but I’m struggling to think through the routing to accomplish this.

Has anyone tried this or anyone’s brain more functional than mine to figure out how to route this?

Yep, I do exactly this, so one of the loops is the stomp input and the FX loop out. And then the ml10x output feeds back into the FX return.

You lose a loop, so either have only 4 mono and 2 stereo, or 6 mono and 1 stereo

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This is fantastic. Appreciate the insight. Time to list a few things to buy an ML10X!

I do something similar to what Lucas does, but my loop 4 feeds back to the FX Return on the Stomp. I use the loops 1-4 all in mono with my drive pedals (which I can now reorder with the ML10X) and I use the last loop in stereo for my delay pedal. This way I can run modulation or pitch effects before the drives or after the drives, and keep the delay at the end in stereo. It works out better than I could’ve expected.

How do you route this?

I think I’m struggling to figure out how to do this, especially with all the routing you can do in Morningstar Editor.

My inclination is to have the fx send from the HX Stomp into the input of the ML10X, then add the drives in mono to A/B, then… to the fx return from C send? Then return stereo into C return?

Does that make any sense?

@algleymi Apologies for the delay in response. Didn’t see it come in

I do it exactly as you describe, except I return to the hx stomp fx return in mono because I only have drive pedals in the loops. then I come out of the stomps outputs in stereo into my stereo pedals. I mostly ignore the routing in the Morningstar Editor, but as I get more used to the board I may start to get more creative.