Rotary Program Change message to mobius

When i send a midi message from the MC8 to my Mobius i cannot activate the Rotary option. I select PC 2 but that turns on the Phaser, as does PC4. I assumed it works consecutively, PC 0 =chorus, 1 = flanger, 2 = Rotary, 3 = Vibe, 4 = Phaser etc
Al the others work as per the consecutive number, except rotary which gives me Phaser. So there is a glitch or i am doing something wrong

The PC numbers are not tagged to the Type function in the Mobius. It just recalls presets saved in the Mobius. So, PC#3 is calling a preset that is saved with a Phaser type by default. The other Types being called up consecutively is just coincidence I guess. You can always just re-save Preset 4 in the Mobius to a Rotary type.


Ah, of course, should have realised that. Sorted now :+1:

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