Roland FS-5U as a sustain pedal on MC6 Pro?

Sorry to bother but I just can’t find an answer… Is it possible to connect a Roland FS-5U pedal to “sustain” a keyboard/keytar using the Omniports? If so, exactly how do I do that? What specific settings are used? Thank you so much.

The FS-5U can work as an external aux switch to control presets on the MC6 PRO. It will work just like any onboard switch and can be programmed to do whatever you want it to. As long as the keyboard/keytar you are using allows you to trigger a sustain function via external MIDI, you will be able to so with this setup.

Thank you… I have tried everything I could so I obviously just don’t get it… Is it possible to show the ominport settings as well as a sample setting in the preset on exactly what commands to use? Does it matter if I use a TRS vs mono 1/4"? (I tried both). thank you and sorry for the ignorance.

first you’ll have to figure out how to trigger the sustain of your keyboard via midi. Than you’ll have to set up a preset on the MC to send the messages. Next you’d have to set up the omniport you want to connect your fs5 to. Go to controller settings and set up the omniport to ‘trs aux switch’. Set ‘tip’ to the preset you’ve programmed. Make sure that the polarity of the fs5 is set correctly. The MC needs the fs to be ‘normally open’.

Thank you, I am getting closer but am still doing some stuff incorrectly… I get sustain now but I cannot get the sustain to stop. I set the omniport just like your pict. Here is what I did to get the sustain with no turn off. Sorry, I mainly use the MC6 Pro to switch around Gig Performer; so basically a simple set up. Thank you.

You didn’t set a CC number in message 2.

You should be using the Release instead of On Disengage action for msg 2. And as GuitarWolf point out, you did not input the correct CC number for msg 2.

thank you, I did try several cc #'s in message 2 with no luck. The sustain uses #64 to engage. is there a certain cc number I should use to disengage? I also had tried using release as well as other commands as well. Nearly every way tried I was able to get sustain but no release. Thank you.

Usually it is the same CC# to engage and disengage a function or parameter. If the CC turns the function on or off is specified by the CC value. In most cases a value >= 64 will turn a function ‘on’ and a value <= will turn it ‘off’.
In your case a CC# 64 CC value 0 should do the job.