Ring to Ring MIDI... do you have to use a TRS cable?

This seems like a real basic thing that should be easy to figure out but it must be too obvious for me to do so! lol

I’m trying to understand why TRS cables are required, especially in cases where only the Ring is used.

In my case (while I wait to snag a MIDI Box) I’m using an Omniport on my MC8 to connect to my Thermae. The Omniport is set to MIDI Out Ring Active, and from all documentation the CBA Thermae takes a MIDI signal from the Ring as well.

When I connect the Thermae to the MC8 omniport with a TRS cable it works great. Wonderful. But finding a good, right angle, FLAT TRS cable that can fit into the Thermae that already has a right angle flat patch cable OUT from the Thermae is… triggering lol

But to the point - if the MC8 is ring active, and the Thermae is Ring active… why do I need a TRS cable? Apparently I do, because if I connect them with a standard ring to ring unbalanced patch cable it doesn’t work. But I don’t understand why.

I’m trying to make sure I understand all the details of ring / tip / TRS etc. before I go buying a bunch of cables to connect things together when I’m able to finally get a MIDI Box.

Can’t help with the TRS vs TS question, but I have the TRS cables that come with the Strymon Conduit and they work great as right angle cables with CBA stuff.

They do sell them individually: 1/4" TRS Male Straight to 1/4" TRS Male Right-Angle Cable, 1.5' Long - Strymon

That’s awesome! Thanks for the post! I’ll definitely grab some of those.