Ring input not working properly

I just recieved a new MLX10 and i cannot get the stereo input to work. Ive owned an mlx10 before and had no issues.

I am only receiving audio input on the tip and not on the ring. Ive tried using stereo pedals with TRS out, many different 2x mono to stereo cables and nothing is working.

If I remove the tip input to mlx10 i can hear a bit of ring input but its very quiet.

Is there a setting to enable stereo input that im missing?

I am receiving stereo out from the mlx10 perfectly. All of the other inputs and outputs are working as far as i can tell.

Anything i can do to troubleshoot would be much appreciated

Edit. I did a factory reset, updated to latest firmware and no luck. I tried changing the split input signal from tip to ring but it will not allow me to

It might be related to to an experimental feature that was enabled during a factory test.

You can disable it here: Issue routing Input Ring signal in Simple Mode | Morningstar Engineering Helpdesk

Please let me know if this resolves your issue.

Thanks James. I tried changing the Input Split and it didnt help. Under Input Split ‘Input Ring’ is highlighted. I tried changing to tip but it stays on ring.

I downloaded latest firmware updater and tried to revert back to rev a but it says ‘upload failed’. It allows me to install rev b firware.

Please let me know if there is anything else i can try

Input Ring should be selected, not Tip. Can you confirm if the issue still persists after selecting input ring and restarting?

Everything appears to be working now, even in simple mode. Thanks again!

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