Revv G20 and MC3

Hey everyone
So I have a REVV g20 and a MC3. I am having a very hard time with the editor software. Just trying to change the channels on the Revv and this seems to be immensely complicated. I have used midi for awhile coming from the voodoo labs ground control pro and that was so easy. Does anyone have experience with controlling Revv products? Otherwise I am just going to buy a REVV door pedal and throw the mc3 away.


What issues are you having with the editor?

If you want to change patches on the Revv20, its just a matter of sending Program Change messages to the MIDI Channel that your Revv20 is set to. In the editor, you just need to program something like this and then click on Save Preset. This will send a PC#1 message to MIDI Channel 1.

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Please I would appreciate if you throw the MC3 to me. I will pay the post charges.
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