Retain Toggle States Between Bank Changes

Hi all. I’m loving diving into this MC6 and the posts here have helped a lot! Currently can’t find a solution to my issue with bank jumps and toggle states.
I have an ML5 and a Boss DD200 I’m controlling and have a bank set up as a stompbox mode of sorts.
Toggle pos1 cc message to engage, toggle pos2 (blink) cc to disengage.
If I have some loops engaged and then jump/page-over to my bank of delay presets, when I go back to the first bank the toggle positions are all reset.
This is only slightly annoying for off/on but I can see this really limiting my flow when I sit down to program my Boss RC500 this weekend.
Is there a way I’m not seeing for the MC6 to remember what toggle position you are in while switching banks?
Thx in advance!

Well, went back over the manual again and feel like a DA.
For anyone else who misses it, under Global Settings: “[RmbTog] - Remember Preset Toggle States Across Banks”
Might be a good setting to have in the editor’s Controller Settings

Hi. The setting is actually already available under the controller settings tab. It is called “Save Preset Toggle”. We will be renaming it with the next editor update to get the naming consistent. Cheers!

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Thx Brandon! I think I tried toggling that setting early on in my troubleshooting but had my presets messed up at the time.