Restore backup from a second MC6?

Up until recently I had two MC6 Pros. I’ll call them MC6One and MC6 Two. Before selling MC6Two, I backed up: “All Banks (including Controller Settings)” to a json file. I am now trying to upload that json file to MC6One, and nothing happens. I can choose the json file under “Restore your controller presets”, and I’ll get the green “Good To Go!” box, but upon clicking it nothing happens.
(I am able to restore the backup from MC6One to MC6One, but this doesn’t do me any good; the presets I want are on MC6Two which I no longer have! I thought as long as I backed up I’d be ok, and didn’t think to test the restore process).

I’m left to conclude that the Restore process is device-dependent, so to speak. Does anyone else have experience with this?

You should be able to load it to a different device:

What firmware is the controller running?

Can you share the backup file there or email us your file?

MC6Two was running v3.11.2. I updated MC6One to v3.12.3 before attempting to restore the backup generated from MC6Two, and nothing happened. I thought, “maybe I shouldn’t have updated the firmware!” so reverted MC6One back to v3.11.2, but the same issue occurred.

I’ll email the file, thanks so much! It’s 11Mb so too large to upload here.

Thanks! I just checked the file and it seems there’s some missing data there for Bank 95.

What you can do is load the file into the setlist manager: Morningstar MIDI Editor
And then take a look at the data - if all ok, just click on Save as backup file to export the data and the new file should load into the MC6 PRO fine.

Let me know how that works for you.

WOW, thank you so much! Everything works great and you’ve saved me loads of time. I’ve been sleeping on the setlist manager, it’s amazing!