[Resolved] Trigger Presets from Other Banks

It would be awesome if presets could trigger other presets from other banks. This would allow 1 preset to trigger 16 other presets, which in turn could trigger 16 messages each.

My use case is for creating what others have called “Utility Banks” to define sounds, one for drive, delay, reverb, etc and being able to recall multiple utility presets that define the sounds that I need for a song instantaneously.


Check out the Engage Preset function, it’s pretty sweet!

I believe that only works for Bank Presets. So it will only engage presets within that Bank. I want to go one more step and call a preset in a totally different bank. @james is this possible?

Perhaps just try it and you’ll see the very first field is Bank Number. It’s a great feature!

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oh! I see it now and I think this does exactly what I wanted. :wink:


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It’s extremely cool and useful! Just beware, I believe there is a limit to the number of Engage Preset messages you have in a single preset.

Thanks for the heads up. It’s been a while since I checked back in on the development of things and it looks like a lot has been happening.

Do you know what that limitation may be. Don’t see a mention of it in the 3.7.1 release:

I think it’s 2, but not sure… I have, however, successfully used limitless messages to Engage Preset on a single preset, but on different actions.