[Resolved] Sysex not transmitting from MC8

Firmware v 3_12_3
I was setting up a preset to scroll through hidden parameters in rack gear like suggested at the end of this thread;

The sysex might go through at the first press but then all is silent. I’m monitoring with Bome Send SX on the computer.

The midi monitor on the editor says its transmitting but the Sysex doesn’t reach the computer or the rack gear. PC and CC messages do.
I’ve tried through 5pin and usb for testing and disconnected from the editor.

I rolled back to v_3_11_1 and eveything works perfectly fine. I’m building my presets here then will try v_3_12_3 again.

Today, after confirming everything is working under v 3_11_1, I flashed back up to v 3_12_3.
The Sysex preset worked fine and I built a new one to test the newest firmware. Everything worked fine today. Unless something comes up, consider this solved.

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