[Resolved] Sending PC msgs higher than 127

Hello. First off, Morningstar is saving my life everyday with these products and tutorials. Thank you.

I’ve got a rig set up and everything receives MIDI perfectly from a MC6 Pro… except for my Behringer FX2000. It receives the PC msgs successfully, but has a uniquely flawed software setup. Its Factory Presets are non editable and are assigned 1-100, and the User Presets are editable and assigned 101-200. So, when I send my typical PC msgs (1-127) I’m turning on Factory presets. I want to access my User Presets.

I need some kind of edit to the PC msgs being sent to the FX2000, so that it’s “PCmsg+100”.

Each PC number is a song in my setup. So, I send out PCmsg1 to ten devices, and they all switch to Preset 1 for Song 1. The FX2000 also switches to Preset 1, but need it to be on Preset 101.

Bonus question: How would I access Presets 128-199 on the FX2000? My research shows that if the Behringer is willing, I could do something with LSB/MSB to send higher PCmsgs.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Happy to report that I re-read the manual and it helped… go figure.

Behringer does offer a Bank Select option (CC 0) with a value of 0 selecting Bank 1 (Factory Presets) or a value of 1 selecting Bank 2 (User Presets). Normal PCmsgs from there. Hope that helps someone in the future.