[Resolved] Pulsing sound when connected to USB

Just rec’d my MC6 PRO. When I plug in the USB cable there is a flashing message about foot controller calibration on the top right button screen. It also makes a pulsing sound through my amp;s speaker. I have not set up the pedal yet. This happens even without a pedal connected. When I disconnect the USB cable everything disappears.

Can you share a photo of this?

This is when you have your midi pedals connected to the MC6? What pedals do you have connected?

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Hey there James, thank you for your quick response.

I tried all scenarios and discovered the following issues:

  1. With nothing attached, except an Ibanez 9V center neg power supply, all 6 windows flash rapidly from black to white.

  2. With nothing attached, except a USB cable, I get this message -

  3. With a Mosky double switch attached to an omni port I get the flashing 99/100 message -

  4. With a Mosky double switch attached to the 3.5mm port on the side there is no flashing message -

Is it getting enough power? MC6 PRO User Manual

The MC6 PRO requires at least 350mA of power at 9VDC.

More power is required if you are using the USB Host port to power other devices.

If you are NOT using the TRS Relay ports and USB Host port, 250mA is enough.

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Thanks for that. I’ll check.

I’m using an Ibanez AC509-N DC 9v 500mA power adapter.

Can you share a video of this issue?

This is the standard screen after bootup. What message are you referring to?

You’ll need to configure the omniport to “Aux Sw” or “Fixed Sw”. If it is set to “Exp” then this is expected.

The 3.5mm ports on the side are MIDI IN and OUT ports. Connecting the aux switch there has no effect.


James, once again thank you. I am pretty new to Morningstar and midi, obviously. Consider my problem solved.

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