[Resolved] Problem with MC6 and Jackson Audio Golden Boy

I’m having a midi problem. I’m using MC6-controller with Jackson audio Golden Boy overdrive. I’m trying to control Golden Boy with midi but I can’t make it work. I’m following instructions carefully but nothing happens. I’ve been watching several Youtube-videos but nothing helps. I’m not experienced with midi but I’ve managed to make my other midi devices work. I’m assuming the problem is in the Goden Boy because other devices work.

  • I’ve checked the midi channel multiple times
  • I changed omniport (I’m using TRS-cable) on MC6 to “ring active”-mode
  • I’ve tried with two different cables, I soldered them myself. They both work with other device (BluGuitar Amp1)
  • I’ve checked the CC-messages multiple times

Is there something I missed?

For the Jackson Audio pedals, you’ll need to set the Omniport to MIDI OUT - Standard.

Thanks. I made it! :grinning: