[Resolved] Problem with CC Value Scroll

I just received my Morningstar MC6 and immediately upgraded to Firmware 3.10.1.
I tried to setup a CC Value Scroll to scroll between different Boost Pedals on my Boss GT-1000 Core.
Therefore I setup the assigns on my Boss to change the pedal when receiving CC#4-CC#7.
In Morningstar Editor, I setup a counter with values 4-7, incrementing on double tap:

In Midi Monitor I can see, that the counter is incrementing as intended, but only for Data 2. Data 1 stays the same.
This results in the boost pedal on the Boss unit not changing because it probably always receives Data 1(CC#4).
How can I setup the Morningstar to send the incremented value in Data 1?
Thank you for your help.

Here you can see, how I setup my Boss assigns:

Here you see the output of Midi Monitor:

Yes, the CC Value scroll increments the CC Value, not counter, because there isn’t a logical incremental logic for CC numbers.

Perhaps you’d want to use the Message Scroll feature instead?

This did the trick, Thank you very much.
In my opinion the counter would be more convenient, but as long as it works, I´m very happy.

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