[Resolved] PC/CC select changes banks

Good afternoon,

I’m a first-time MIDI user and trying to program my MC8 to control my axe fx III. Between the offficial MC tutorials and Robi Rocks, I have the information I need. What’s puzzling me is that I have set up switch B to recall a preset using PC and CC. This calls the proper preset, but the MC8 bank also changes to bank 15. I have only assigned 1 PC and 1 CC and am unsure why this behaviour is happening. Both PC and CC are set to Pos1 via the software editor.

Thanks for your help!

Are you running midi to and from the MC8? Could you post a pic of your Preset B in the Editor?
First guess would be if you’re running midi both to and from, the MC8 and your Axe FX could be on the same midi channel and you’ve got a loop.

Hey cVarsity,

I am running MIDI from and to the MC8 as per the YT tutorials.

The bank jump only happens with my PC/CC and not the scene select presets.

I checked the MIDI monitor and it only shows the PC/CC I sent, nothing extraneous.

Yeah my guess would be to check the Midi Channel the MC8 is on. A PC#14 will trigger a bank jump on the MC8 to bank 15 (what you’re seeing). I don’t have the Axe FX if anybody wants to chime in. But it looks like you’ve got the MC8 sending those messages to both the Axe FX and then back to the MC8.

I tried setting the MC8 to ch2 but same behaviour.

All the tutorials say to leave both devices on ch1.

I’m sorry then, I have had that issue running my midi in a loop but don’t have the Axe FX. There may be a reason to keep them the same I’m not privy to. Sorry to mislead you.

I appreciate the help. Hopefully someone else can shed some light.

If PC#14 is the command for bank 15, it would still mess up selecting presets 000-127 so Im curious.

With any luck an employee will chime in. I may need to open a ticket.

Hey @cVarsity I changed the MIDI send ch on the axe fx (at least I’m pretty sure that’s what I did) and that seems to have fixed it!

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