[Resolved] Omniport midi control stopped working!

I’ve been using my MC6 mk2 for some time to control several Strymon pedals through a Disaster Area MidiBox 4, with no problems. However, I just ‘simplified’ my board to two Strymon pedals and removed the MidiBox, using both OmniPorts to send TRS midi to my Strymon pedals…but there’s now no Midi info being sent from the MC6 OmniPorts (Midi monitor shows no msgs sent from Omniports, but midi msgs sent through the 5-pin DIN port work fine.) I’ve confirmed that the OmniPorts are set to midi on Tip, which is what Strymon uses…help! Thx. George in Seattle

OK…just found the problem. I needed to edit the MIDI Channel Settings that previously had my Strymon ports mapped to DIN MIDI and not OmniPorts. All’s working now. THX anyway!