[Resolved] “off” cc message not working anymore when in ml10x

on my timeline I was previously using “off” cc messages successfully to turn off the timeline when switched to another preset on the mc8. I have since put it into an ml10x and it stays on whenever I switch to another patch on the mc8 even while using said messages. Does this mean for every preset that I want to turn off previous loops, I will have to choose a ml10x preset with the specified loop turned off to turn off a previously selected effect?

Putting the Timeline into the ML10X audio loop does not affect anything related to MIDI on the Timeline. You should check whether the Timeline is receiving those “off” cc messages that you were initially sending.

I’m just telling you what’s happening. After I put it in the loop it stopped responding to those messages.

I know, and I’m saying that putting the Timeline in the ML10X loop does not affect anything related to MIDI on the Timeline. So I am suggesting that you check whether the Timeline is actually receiving those messages - might be a faulty MIDI Cable? Is it responding to any other MIDI messages (PC etc) besides those “off” messages you were referring to?

it’s a new cable and it is responding to other messages. The strymon “engage” cc messages are also not working.

edit: got it working somehow. sorry about that.

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