[Resolved] MIDI thru issue

Just want to check if I’m missing something because MIDI thru doesn’t seem to be working for me.

I have that option on in Controller Setting>General Configurations and have saved settings and restarted. Nothing is passing. MIDI/Activity monitor confirms that nothing from MIDI In is going through. I have tested the MIDI controller and lead I am using and they are both fine.
Is there something else I can try?

Are you trying to send something from the MIDI IN port to USB? If so, Cross MIDI Thru needs to be enabled. MIDI Thru enables the passing of message from MIDI IN to MIDI OUT, whereas Cross MIDI Thru enables the passing of MIDI messages from MIDI IN to USB MIDI and USB MIDI to MIDI OUT.

What device are you using to send MIDI to the MC, and what type of messages?

Thanks for the reply.

I’m just trying to pass MIDI IN to MIDI OUT.
It shouldn’t matter what MIDI messages I am truing pass through, right?
I actually want to send CC messages but wasn’t sure if I had that controller working so tried a Roland Handsonic instead to send note on when triggering a pad. Nada.

Doesn’t work with a Novation 25sl either by the way.

No, but having more information always helps when troubleshooting.

If MIDI Thru is turn on then messages will pass through from MIDI IN to MIDI OUT. You can turn on Cross MIDI Thru as well and then use a MIDI monitor (like www.midimonitor.com) to verify what messages the MC6 is receiving.

If it still does not work, I’d recommend trying a different MIDI cable, and also check that you have the 5pin cable correctly connected to the 7pin MIDI port on the MC. The orientation might be wrong. More info here: Testing your MIDI OUT port on the MC6 and MC8

Thanks James. So, it’s working now but I can’t figure out why it wasn’t and why it is. I turned MIDI thru on and off and saved again a couple more times and it’s a go. Weird.
Thanks for the help anyway

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