[Resolved] MIDI clock problem with Timeline

MIDI clock, tempo changes between presets with TIMELINE Strymon. I’ve tried having just the MIDI tap option and it works fine but after a few taps between presets, the tempo in the timeline goes back to the bpm I had set before. Same thing happens if I have the MIDI clock set to a specific bpm when I enter a bank for different songs, It goes back to a different bpm after a few taps between presets.

I’m using a mc6 mkii. I have the ML5 as MIDI 1, timeline as MIDI 2, and big sky as MIDI 3

The Timeline has a MIDI Clock setting for reach preset, where it will determine whether that preset on the Timeline follows the MIDI clock BPM or the Preset BPM. You’ll need to set each of the Timeline preset to follow the MIDI clock BPM if that is what you want.

Also, be sure to enable “MIDI Clock Persist” on the MC6 if you want the MIDI clock to run continously.

All the presets were set to be used with midi clock but I figured it out! For some reason the dbucket preset in the timeline was the one messing with the bpm. I tried everything to fix that preset and it’s just that dbucket delay that changes the bpm to 75 everytime. As long as I don’t use it Everything else works just fine.

Thank you :pray:t4: