[Resolved] MC8 "Release and Long Press Release" Problem


I’ve been able to solve this before … now I have an MC8 again and now I can’t solve it.
With Preset A, “Release” I turn a Track on / off in Ableton Live. It works well. Preset Toggle, Preset Blink, Msg1, 2, Pos 1,2. With the same switch, “Long Press Release” I do “Bank Down”. If I do “Bank Down” and then go back to the same Bank, Preset A will flash, as if the Ableton track controlled by the normal “Release” function was on, but it’s not (that’s okay).

I tried so…
no preset Toggle om
msg1 release cc, value, pos1
msg2 release cc, value, pos2
msg3 release toggle preset, pos2
msg4 long press Release, bank down, pos 1,2,both,
but the “Release” does not work in this case.

How can I resolve that the “Release” feature is not responding with blinking to a “Long press Release”, but the cc toggle function also works?


Try turning the master preset level toggle off, and adding a Preset Toggle message set to ‘both’ with an action of release


Thank You! Works fine.

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Like this per/preset?

Action = Release
Type = Toggle Preset
Pos = Both

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