[Resolved] MC8 not sending 5 pinMidi Out


I have had an MC8 for a bit now and moving to a completely Midi controlled rig. I bought and received the ML5 a few weeks ago and started to incorporate it into the board.

After testing everything out, I rewired everything but now the MC8 is not sending Midi out through the 5 pin connector. However, it is sending Midi thru the Omniport (chase bliss Tonal Recall) and through Usb- because I can see it in the editor.

Currently the signal path is:
MC8 midi out—> ML5 (ch. 5 midi in - Midi out) —> Hologram Microcosm ( ch. 4midi in— midi out) —> Timeline ( ch. 2 Midi in—midi out) —> Big sky ( ch. 3 Midi in)

I’ve been using the tonal recall/strymon’s with the mc8 for the past month or so without any issues and the ML5 has been working fine as well. I have tried 4 different midi cables and plugged the MC8 directly into the timeline as I have been for the past few weeks but it’s not communicating through the midi out at all.

I tried power cycling it and updating the firmware again (it was already up to date) without any success. I have a gig on Thursday and Sunday and I’ve rewired my board to be based around and controlled by the MC8/ML5 so if there are any possible fixes I’m all ears :grimacing:

I don’t think we’ve had an issue with the 5 Pin MIDI OUT port before - we had some emails come in but after troubleshooting, it always turns out to be a cable problem or some programming error.

I know you’ve mentioned you’ve tried 4 cables. Can you try this:

  • Check what MIDI channel then MC8 is on
  • Turn MIDI Thru OFF
  • Program a PC#1 message in Bank 1 to send to the MC8 MIDI Channel
  • Connect the MC8 MIDI OUT port back to it’s MIDI IN port
  • Send the PC message. Does the MC8 respond by changing to Bank 2?

I had an issue and resolved it with the steps here:

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Thanks for the response!

This is definitely weird…I made sure Midi Thru is off and followed the instructions and the MC8 DID switch over to bank 2.

I then plugged it back into the ML5 and then the Timeline and the pedals are still not responding to any input after verifying they are in the correct channels.

For the ML5- I put it back into learn mode and tried to send it a PC and a CC message through channel 5 and the learn light has not stopped blinking.

I looked through the Midi troubleshooting guides and was unable to fix it as well. Any next steps? thanks!

I’m not sure what fixed it, but I turned it off and on again after this and everything is working as planned currently.

Thank you for the responses!

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I had a similar intermittent issue which just turned out to be the fact that the MC8 has 7 PIN DIN and its possible to connect it up " 1 out " either way, having marked up my cables…the embarrassing problem has melted away !


Hey Wangman, what do you mean MC8 has 7 PIN DIN cables? I’m using 5 pin, but you’re saying there’s somewhere to configure it for 7 pin? What do you mean by 'connect it up “1 out” ’ ? Trying to get my MC8 to start talking to my pedals thru midi out again. Thanks!

Hi codism, I don’t know if its configurable but the MC8 has 7 pin sockets, so its possible to connect a 5 pin cable either to 2-6…correct or 1-5/ 3-7 which aint, just by not making sure its not correctly aligned

Thanks - When you say connect to 2-6, are you referring to Midi Channels? Or ports on the MC8? I only see the one Midi Out jack, which I believed to be 5 Pin.

I was using this to send to my Meris I/O box, which I would then split and distribute to my midi pedals: microcosm via 5 pin midi out, my enzo, hedra, ultratap and tensor via TRS 1/4" cables. I was previously able to use the MC8 5 pin midi out to send messages to the Meris I/O box and out to microcosm and the enzo/hedra, but that no longer works, wondering if it has to do with ports, or if there could be an issue with my I/O box. Plugging directly from MC8 midi out into microcosm midi in also does not bring back the communication from the MC8 I previously had either.

Thanks again in advance for any help!