[Resolved] MC6 to control MPC Live with SysEx not working

Maybe someone can help. I’ve got the MPC Live and bought the Morningstar MC6 MK2. I’ve connected them. There seems to get Midi message through (since there is this Midi Symbol on the MPC flashing when hitting a button on the MC6) but the MPC doesn’t do anything.

Here are my settings in the Morningstar Editor

Can anyone help please. Why isn’t the MPC start playing?

Thanks Ashley

Based on your settings this will send a Sysex string like this:

0xF0 0x7F 0x7F 0x06 0x02 0xF7

Is that what you are expecting?
Usually SysEx strings are not this short because most devices require stating the manufacturer ID, model ID etc.

I got these Strings for the MPC from internet forums, for example:

Akai MPC Forums - MPC Live Midi implementation list/SysEx messages : MPC X, MPC One, MPC Live & MPC Key 61 (Post #3) or

MPC Live MIDI Footswitch - YouTube (see comments)

There it says that for example “play” the string would be “4 127 127 6 2”.

If I’m not mistaken, when putting together a SysEx string like that the first byte needs to be the length of the message. In your case I think you’d have to put it in the MC6 as:
5 4 127 127 6 2

…no, the 4 in the string is supposed to be the length already. So it didn’t work with the “5” either.

If you need to send this:

0xF0 0x04 0x7F 0x7F 0x06 0x02 0xF7

then it should look like this:

The first value in your sysex message determine the length of the sysex string, which is 5.

Btw, there is a utility for this called “Create SysEx Preset”. You can just paste your sysex string and it will generate the preset for you.

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Thanks for your replies. It hasn’t worked so far. Maybe it has anything to do with the Midi settings on the Akai or the Morningstar? When connecting the Morningstar via USB there are 4 devices showing up in the Akai (see picture). Maybe this is problematic?

How are you trying to send the MIDI message from the MC6 to the MPC?

If both the MC6 and MPC are only connected to your computer by USB then by default the computer is not going to take MC6 midi out and send it to MPC midi in. If you want the computer to relay the message you’ll need some software on the computer to tell it to do that.

If you have the MC6 midi out connected by midi cable directly to the MPC midi in then it should work.

If you’re using one of the omniports to send midi out then you’ll need to configure that in the settings.

From page 322 of the MPC Live manual, a few steps are required to tell it to listen for the midi control messages:

Oh yes, many thanks! That was it. Forgot to check “Receive MMC” in the MPC. Also the commands are:

PLAY: 4 127 127 6 2
STOP: 4 127 127 6 1
RESET: 11 127 0 6 68 6 1 0 0 0 0 0
RECORD: 4 127 127 6 6
DEFERRED PLAY: 4 127 127 6 3

Maybe someone has the same question in the future. Ashley