[Resolved] MC6 Pro issues with Engage or Bypass selected loops in ML10x

Hi Guys,

I know I am doing something silly but not sure what it is.
I have a MC6 pro and ML10x
I can change presets on the ML10x via the MC6 pro so I know it is receiving commands, but cant see visual feedback on the ML10x display, of loops engaging or disengaging, when programming the "bypass selected loops’ using the ML10x specific commands on the MC6 pro.

My ML10x is in simple mode not advanced and I have setup the ring tip check boxes correctly ( I think)

any help would be appreciated

Can you share a screenshot of the ML10X message type/command on the MC6 PRO editor so I can see what you are sending?

Are there any other MIDI devices connected inbetween the MC6 PRO and ML10X? Some MIDI devices liek the HX Stomp do not pass SysEx messages through, which is what the ML10X message type is.

Thanks @james

Your response made me realise where I was going wrong.
I had the ML10x at the end of my Midi Chain and even though I had thru enabled on all pedals I was unaware that the ml10x controls were sysex messages.
I have now re-arranged my midi chain where the ML10x is first in the chain and everything works perfectly.

Thank you so much for your help

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