[Resolved] iPhone app issues

Having an issue with the new iPhone app. When I go to edit a preset name, the keyboard won’t pop up.

Any chance the firmware version for your MC has the USB keyboard enabled? There is a version of the firmware without this feature (which is meant to send keystrokes to a desktop app).

Good question. I’ll try loading the no keyboard interface firmware and see what happens.

That worked! Thanks!

Just to add more info, the main firmware loads a MIDI + Keyboard (to send keystrokes) USB interface when the MCx is connected via USB to a USB host. When it is connected via wire to the iPhone, the iPhone sees it as a keyboard being connected, and it will no longer display the onscreen keyboard. There is unfortunately no way to change this on the iPhone (there is still a button to display the onscreen keyboard on the iPad).

So, if connecting via wire to the iPhone, the firmware with the MIDI only USB interface needs to be used.

Is there a way to implement this as a setting on the device that toggles the keyboard support on the USB stack … perhaps after a reboot?

That would be easier to understand for users and one less build step.

We’ve reviewed this before, should be possible but very complex. We can’t prioritise this yet


Lower benefit, high cost…

lower level code… more things that can go wrong :skull_and_crossbones: