[Resolved] HX stomp will NOT receive any messages

I have an MC6 mkii. I am attempting to toggle bypass on a block on the HX Stomp.
I have watched ALL of the videos on making this work.
I have factory reset the Stomp.
I have selected an unused CC command for the block.
I have gone by the book in the Morningstar Editor to set it up.
Toggle Mode is On. CC values are 127 for on and 0 for off.

Furthermore, all firmwares are up to date and I’m starting on fresh presets on the mc6. Please help! I can send any other info if needed.

It sounds like the HX Stomp could be on a different Midi channel than that being sent by the MC6. Have you checked the midi settings on the stomp?

Yes I have checked that as well. Initially I thought that might be the case, so I even assigned a different number to it and fixed it in the Editor as well. But no changes. I’ve also used different cables and have gone directly from the MC6 to the Stomp.

Did you check these settings on the Stomp?

Can you check the MIDI Monitor to see if the MIDI messages are appearing as expected when you engage the preset? What CC# are you sending?

Just to confirm, you are only having issues with toggling blocks, or are you not able to control the HX stomp at all with any other PC/CC messages?

Hey James,
I have checked the MIDI monitor and yes it is showing messages being triggered. They are corresponding with the parameters I set, but nothing is actually happening on the Stomp.

The Stomp is set to MIDI channel 4.

I have used CC message #4 and #11 to toggle the block since the Stomp manual says these should be open for use. I know there are several others but I tested on these.

And it is not just block toggling, I also attempted to trigger the tuner screen on/off and that doesn’t work either. That was actually the first thing I attempted.

I am pasting the setting for all this from the MIDI Dictionary in the Editor, so I know those are correct.

I will attempt to create a video of my process and post it for better context.

Here’s a MIDI monitor verification message.
You’ll see the CC routing info I have.
Working on a video link

I hope this works, can’t upload videos to this site.

Thanks for the info. Can you confirm one thing - I saw some Strymons in the video. Have you managed to control them via MIDI, or at least tried? If not, do give it a go and let me know if there are any issues. If it works fine with the Strymon and not the HX Stomp then at least we can further dig into the problem with the HX Stomp. If it does not work the you should try using a different cable to rule out a cable issue. Once we can establish that the MIDI is being sent from the controller then it’ll be easier to chase down the real issue

Yes, the Strymon pedals work well with the controller. I don’t have issues there.

Concerning cables, I have tried different midi cables going straight from the mc6 to the stomp. And that did not change anything, even with no other pedals in the chain and a different cable.

How about just sending PC messages instead of CC just to see if you are able to change presets? I just replicated your HX Stomp settings on ours (MIDI channel to 4 etc) without issues for PC and CC messages.

For CC I tested with CC#70 to engage and bypass. I’ve also assigned an effect parameter to CC#4 (toggled between values 0 and 127) and controlled it without issues.

I think you should try sending a PC message first and see if it responds. Might seem obvious but just check that the MIDI cable is connected securely to the HX Stomp MIDI Input as well, and on the MC6 check that the MIDI Cable is orientated correctly on the MIDI Output port. The port has 7 pins while a standard MIDI cable has 5 pins so it is possible to connect it wrongly at an angle.

Okay James, I’ve got it working now.
But it’s a strange one.

So to preface, I had, at one time, plugged straight into the stomp from the mc6. I tested the commands, and nothing. So I’m a little extra confused. But I digress.

Anyways, what I did was check my bigsky’s global settings and turned on Midi thru. It was previously turned off. After this, things started happening.
So that made plenty of sense. But like I said, I’ve plugged straight into the stomp before and NOTHING.

I guess I’ll just call it a blessing and not ask any questions lol

Thank you for your help and your patience even though it seems I’m either inept or someone was pranking me.

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Unfortunately, I am having the same issues. The mc8 editor when plugged in usb and my helix connected midi to the mc8 won’t change anything on my helix. I have done exactly the same things as the video’s i’m watching, and the only thing I can get it to do is to change the B01 P1: to B02, B03 etc when turning the top knob on my stomp. Other than that, nothing is working. I have my global settings right and it just doesn’t seem to work. I have changed the midi cable, tried usb, nothing. Please advise.

Same issue here! Thought it might have been just me as a newbie!