[Resolved] HX Stomp Odd Expression CC Issue

I’m hoping someone has run into this before (I tried to search to no avail…)

I’m running into a weird Expression CC issue when trying to control the volume block in my HX Stomp. I’ve correctly assigned the Expression CC Message in the MC8 & HX Stomp (both on latest firmware), but once I switch patches the Volume Position in the HX Stomp will jump frantically from 0-88 as if there is a latency in the signal. HOWEVER, if I connect the MC8 to the web editor and look at the midi monitor, then the Volume Block on the HX Stomp responds normally???

Any ideas? I’m not sure why connecting the MC8 via USB and then looking at the midi monitor would force any kind of change?

Thank you for any help!

Just adding some info to resolve this.
** Non-issue. Corresponded over email. Issue was with device between MC8 and HX Stomp

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