[Resolved] Headrush footswitch 1-4 issue

I’m trying to use the MC6 to simply switch between scenes on the Headrush. I have used hardware assign on the Headrush to set up each scene, and assigned 1 scene to each footswitch - 4 scenes over 4 footswitches in total.

In the MC6 editor, for footswitch/scene 1 - I had hoped that I could simply create an action that when a switch on the MC6 is pressed, it engages control change 50 at 127 - which is footswitch 1 on the Headrush. However, this command seems to actually control the ‘view’ option that is assigned permanently to footswitch 1 on the Headrush.

I’ve watched videos where people have it set up in the way I wish, so I’m certain it’s possible - but they don’t go into detail of their setup and I’m pulling my hair out….! Any advice appreciated!

Ok so for anyone interested, I figured it out.

To control scene 1, for instance, which is hardware assigned to footswitch 1 on the Headrush:

On the MC6 send CC message no 50 at 127 on a ‘press’ action.
At the same time send a ‘release’ action CC message, also number 50 but with a value of 60.

No idea how I stumbled across this, or what it really means - but it works!