[Resolved] Having Issues with Programming Modifiers with Blooper

Hey, I’m having an issue with trying to create a simple “on/off” toggle with the modifiers on my Blooper pedal.

What’s happening is when I press the toggle to turn on the modifier it turns on, then I press again to turn off and nothing happens, then I press again and it turns off, then I press again to turn on and nothing happens, I press again and it turns on.

So, I end up having to press the button an extra time to turn on or off. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Welcome! Suggest you post a screenshot and/or json export of the preset in question.

Boss pedals act like that if you don’ t send cc0 and cc127 with each press. I’d try that. Or try alternating, 0 - 127 for on and 127 - 0 for off.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I tried setting the “on” value to 127 and it works the way it should. Much appreciated!