[Resolved] [Feature Request] Sysex message with variable Data Byte

Just received my MC8 yesterday, and I am already very impressed and blown away how easy and powerful it is. It immediately solved a problem I have in my setup where I need to toggle a value on/off via sysex to switch on/off legato on one of my synths.

The message I use for the above action is this:
F0 00 20 32 00 01 0c 00 14 01 00 F7

To switch it off, I send this message:
F0 00 20 32 00 01 0c 00 14 00 00 F7

So they are both identical aside from the 9th position byte which just sends 0 to switch it off, and 1 to turn it back on again.
So fort his I set up virtually the same message twice, whereas it could be done by just setting up one message, and specifying which position the data value goes into, and then just incrementing/toggling the value from either at able of specified allowed values, or simply just going between 0/1, or incrementing through a min/max array where next up from 1 just goes to 0.

For my example above this is actually perfectly fine and no big deal to do as it works right now, but I have other examples where this exercise becomes less fun, and not as viable.

On the same synth, I have a need to switch the clock source, and this synth can accept clock from internal/midi din/usb/analog trigger in, and the only way to actually change this setting is either via sysex, or their own proprietary app, but I don’t feel too keen on having to run a specific application to do this.

All of the above work in a similar way, the data byte just increments 0-3 to select the setting.
Those messages look exactly like this, and I’d very much like it if there was a way I could set up a counter/table of specified values/something so I could set up my preset in this way, and then tapping a switch would just cycle through my settings:
F0 00 20 32 00 01 0c 00 1B [DATA BYTE] F7

F0 00 20 32 00 01 0c 00 1B 00 F7
F0 00 20 32 00 01 0c 00 1B 01 F7
F0 00 20 32 00 01 0c 00 1B 02 F7
F0 00 20 32 00 01 0c 00 1B 03 F7

I hope my explanation was clear enough, let me know if you have any questions about my potentially confusing mess above.

I don’t expect this of course, but I think it could be a very cool way to handle this if you have awkward sysex settings like these.

Are you just looking for a way to avoid typing the message into the editor when making changes? Seems like a one and done scenario once you have it set up. Or are you looking to toggle between three messages on a single switch?

I was looking to be able to do it on a single switch. In this case 4 different messages.

You could do

Msg one “press”

Msg 2 “double press

Msg three long press

And msg four double long press

On a single switch

Heya, that’s a clever workaround.

It is a tiny bit problematic potentially though, because long press as well as double long press in this case will also cause the press and double press actions to fire as well, and that might be bad depending on the situation.

See the messages generated under here:
Row 1: Press - OK
Row 2: Double - OK
Row 3+4 - Long press (which also fires Press)
Row 5+6 - Long double (which also fires normal Double).

Thanks for the workaround though, it does solve this situation in a single preset, although as it’s something I’ll likely forget as I have no feedback on the screen for this I will probably go with 2 presets for this.

Another limitation is that this limits to max 4 sysex messages, wheras a Data byte that can scroll through values would permit for more actions on this preset.

Again, this is still a relatively neat workaround. Thanks. (Although feature request still stands :smiley: )

Ah I’ll add to this right away now.
Lifted this issue with a friend that’s also an MC8 owner, and he suggested just changing the Press and Double in your suggestion to Release, and then I get zero double messages.

I don’t have a good solution for this, but it’s possible to do it this way:

The setting above uses 2 actions, Press and Double Tap, along with the 2 toggle position, which gives you the 4 combinations.

Msg 1-5 is one group which toggles between the values 0x01 and 0x00 on press, and Msg 6-10 is another group which toggles betweeh values 0x02 and 0x03 on double tap.

The limitation is that the 2 actions are sharing one toggle position.

Here’s the preset data so you can upload it to the editor Sysex_4.json (2.2 KB)

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Ahh thank you, this is quite clever and economical use of the messages, leaving potential for more actions to do other things.

Honestly this isn’t a huge deal breaker to me for this particular function, but I do feel the variable for sysex messages would be incredible useful for some cases, so hoping it’s something that can be in consideration, since it could open up for more settings similar to how you can scroll through cc and pc.

Again though, thanks for this neat and economical solution!

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Just bumping this old thread I made last year when I first got my MC8.

Is there any way to be able to accomplish this differently now with recent updates?
Being able to control the data byte with some variable without having to make a bunch of various sysex messages would’ve been so neat.

If not, I think I’m going to solve this differently and neater now by making presets that I activate within a preset. Keeping each single distinct sysex message on their own preset.

There’s no alternative for this besides the suggestion earlier.

Another solution for you. It’s possible to scroll through a list of values with Message Scroll enabled.
If you have a preset programmed like this:

Each tap will combine Msg1 and Msg 2 with one of the last 3 messages (Msg3, 4, 5) and you will get this:

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Thanks once again for the reply.
Your last solution is quite neat, and that solves this situation perfectly and neatly, so I’m definitely updating mine to do that as it removes a lot of redundancy.

I’ll try not bumping this thread again in the future :slight_smile:

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