[Resolved] Faulty Loop on my new ML5

Hi all, I am new here!

I recently bought an ML5 and an MC8 to build a board around by loop station. The ML5 I received has a problem in the C loop. If C loop is in bypass mode ( not engaged ), I have good signal. All other loops works as expected. The moment I engage C loop, signal is cut off. First I thought its a faulty pedal or cable. So I tested all that, its not that. Even if I use a dead-patch ( direct cable between send C and Receive C ), no signal is passed if I engage C loop. I tried doing factory reset ( A, C E pressed on power up. ) it did not change anything. I believe this is a faulty unit. Is there any suggestion that I can try ? I have contacted sales and support regarding this. Any help is appreciated.

I bought this directly from morningstar and it got shipped to India. I had to pay a bomb ( about 80% of the cost ) to the customs. I want to cry at the mere thought of this not working. Hope to find a solution soon.


Hey! Let’s troubleshoot the issue here.

When you press switch C, is there a “click” sound? If so, then the relay is working.

Next, can you remove the backplate and post a picture of the back to the pedal? If the relay is working and there isn’t any sound, Im suspecting that there might be a cold solder so I just want to have a visual on the back of the ML5 with the backplate removed to confirm.

Thank you James! I will upload the picture.

yes. there is a click sound when I press the C - button. but I will check this one more time. Also I noticed that when I crank up the other drive pedals on other loops really high, I get a very very mild sound on the out. barely audible though. I can’t repeat that now since I removed the ML5 from my pedalboard. Let me get the picture for you. Will be back.


Thanks for the info. Sounds like it might be a cold solder. If so, do drop us an email to help@morningstarfx.com and we’ll resolve it for you.

The pins in question is high-lighted below:

You’ll just need to remove the backplate to see this.

Hi James,

So I confirm that I hear a click when I press / engage the C loop. I will try to attach the video here if possible. When I looked at the back plate, the solders seems OK to me. But I do see a marker on the area that could be potentially C Send. Kindly have a look.


Not able to upload the video file here. ( for the click )

Just want to update that this issue was resolved promptly by James and MorningStar team. Really appreciate their support. Faulty board was replaced.