[Resolved] El Capistan V2 Not Responding To MIDI

Hey guys. New member and Morningstar user. Great forum! I have a new MC6. I’m using a Strymon midi pin to trs to control a Deco V2 with great success and attempting to control an El Cap v2 via one of the expression outs on the MC6. I’ve configured exp.1 to send midi, set the correct modes on the El Cap, but I’m getting no response from the Strymon. I can see the correct messages being sent in the editor, but nothing. I know it’s user error. What could I be missing? The Strymon receives messsages via the tip, correct? I’ve tried all the methods, but no dice.

The omniport needs to be set to MIDI OUT - standard, not tip active. Can you confirm if you have that setting right?

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Hey James. Yes, I’ve tried Standard as well. Heck, I’ve tried everything I can think of.

Since you can control the Deco fine with the DIN5 to TRS cable, you should try just plugging that into to the El Cap instead and see if there are any issues. If it still does not work then it is a setting or issue on the El Cap

After a re-check of all settings in both pieces of gear, and a restart, the El Cap is now receiving and recognizing midi commands!

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