[Resolved] Editor can't find controller attached via connected pair of CME WIDI Uhost

I’m trying to use the web editor in Chrome (both Win11 and Linux Mint on a desktop PC, and MacOS on a macbook pro) to connect to an MC3. The PC is connected to a WIDI Uhost over USB, the MC3 is connected to a second UHost over its USB port. The Uhosts are configured in a group and correctly paired.

Both Uhost dongles and the MC3 are updated to the latest production firmware.

What works :

If I turn off the Uhost attached to the PC, I can connect to the MC3 over bluetooth from an iPad and use the app version of the editor. So I believe the MC3<->Uhost connection is fine.

If I connect the MC3 to the PC with a USB cable I can run the Chrome based editor as expected.

If I re-connect both Uhost dongles (MC3 and PC) and press a button on the MC3 to send a program change message, I can see that message both on the indicator lights on the dongles, and within midi-ox running in Windows

What doesn’t work :

The editor in Chrome can’t see a morningstar controller. MIDI access is granted, and clicking on ‘show available midi devices’ gives me a message “MIDI Inputs detected: WIDI Uhost”, but if I try to click the ‘Select device to connect’ the drop-down is empty. I’ve tried disabling all browser plugins and my DNS based ad blocker, but it makes no difference. There are no errors in the browser console. This behaviour is identical under both Win11, Linux Mint, and MacOS running on my laptop.

I’ve tried through two different computers, I’ve tried connecting the Uhost directly to a port on the motherboard rather than through a hub, I’ve rebooted and factory reset the Uhosts a number of times, everything is up-to-date. MIDI is clearly working on both ends, the MC3 is clearly fine (the app can edit presets, as can the desktop editor when connected through USB), so all I can think of is that it’s a problem in how the editor goes about detecting devices, but that’s as far as I can get.

I have just updated the editor to detect the uHost. Can you refresh the app and try again and see if it works for you?

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Amazing, works perfectly - thank you!

Quick question as I am interested in a wireless MC6 to PC connection too. @tomoinn

Do you need a WIDI Uhost at the PC side? Doesn’t Windows 10/11 support MIDI over bluetooth out-of-the-box?

Any input greatly appreciated! :relaxed:

In theory I think it can, yes, but in practice I didn’t manage to make it work. I figured it was much simpler to just get another WIDI Uhost - also if I want extra devices in the group (which I did because I want to add my kemper as well) it’s much simpler to do with multiple Uhosts as you can configure them with their app. Worth having a go, but I didn’t have any luck making it work.

For the sake of convenience 2 WIDI UHosts and 1 WIDI Jack it is then!

Thanks for sharing your experiences!