[Resolved] Cannot get CME Widi and MC6 Pro to connect to iPad

I got a MC6 Pro today (first Morningstar product) and I planned to use my CME widi to connect my iPad to it and use the editor via Bluetooth. I have used the widi before with a GT-1000 core previously. I cannot get it to work.

  1. switch is set to A on the widi
  2. MC6 powered from Onespot CS12 9V supply (working)
  3. can connect via usb-c cable to iPad
  4. widi doesn’t seem to get power from the 3.5mm TRS jacks.

I can power the widi externally with a USB cable and the editor sees it under devices but it just hangs up with a purple circle when connecting. What am I doing wrong? Will the 3.5mm ports not power it? Can I just use the USB port on the MC6 to the widi and not use the 3.5mm cables? I searched the forum, Manual, YouTube and found bits of information but nothing helped.

Any help appreciated!

I got it. It was a bad connection

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