[Resolved] Bug: labels not being rewritten in Bank Change mode

MC6MkII 3.9.5 Beta editor 1.2.5 Chrome app. Windows.

Really poor video of this: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

I have Bank Jump Mode set on one of my ext switch buttons.

If I engage a preset in a bank and then activate Bank Jump Mode, looks like the switch labels on the controller are not being redrawn correctly - hopefully in this example you can see that Preset C shows the word “Filter” on every other press.

Likewise if I press switch/preset E and then enter Bank Jump Mode, I can see the text from preset E showing in the bank jump screen on every other up / down press.

Yikes, yes it looks like the arrow directions are opposite. I think this bug was created when working on the bank change mode for the fixed sw custom setting. Will fix it this week.

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All fixed in 3.9.6. I did think the banking was in the wrong direction but figured it must be my tiny brain at fault! Anyway, works like a charm now. Love Bank Change Mode - frees up a button on my ext switch coz I don’t need to bank mid-song :facepunch:

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Thanks for the update. Usually minor releases (3.9.x) are for bug fixes, but this time I squeezed in some enhancements here and there, which explains the bugs :grimacing:

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