[Resolved] Bug in new firmware

I am not sure if it has already been noted but I have noticed a bug in the new firmware.
I use a custom bank sequence but in the editor mode if I want to jump to a bank if I pick which one from the drop-down menu it is not the right one. I need to select the number of the bank from the list on the left of the screen.
See the picture attached.

In the latest update, the bank selected in the Bank Jump message type will always follow the underlying 30 banks regardless of whether custom bank sequence is turned on.

So, if you have a Bank Jump preset to jump to Bank 3 (Synesthesia), when custom bank sequence is turned OFF, it will jump to Bank 3 (Synesthesia). When custom bank sequence is turned on, it will jump to Bank 5 (Synesthesia). This is so that you don’t need to constantly update your Bank Jump messages when you re-arrange a new custom bank sequence.

Hope that makes sense?

Thanks James for your prompt reply.
It makes perfect sense.
Perhaps then it would be best that the drop-down menu showed the actual bank position rather than the custom one. It was a bit confusing at first for me. I had to make a few attempts before understanding that I had to disregard the drop-down menu and just look at the banks list on the left.

PS as I wrote on FB would it be possible that, when the controller is not set to boot up with the latest page used, it follows the custom sequence order when loading rather than the actual 1st bank?

Yup, the editor should have been updated to reflect that. It wasn’t there in the initial release.

Fixed in v3.10.2.