[Resolved] Bug in "last connected" for "select output spillover"


I have the following two patches I’m controlling with the MC8. When I set “Select Output Spillover” to “last connected” on a patch with a delay, I don’t hear trails when switching to a patch with that delay disengaged. I do hear trails when “Select Output Spillover” is set to a specific loop with that delay pedal.

Steps to reproduce

I’ve included screenshots of all settings, I’m using in-case they’re relevant to tracking this down.

Drive patch

Here’s the details of the drive patch. This is the patch I’m switching to (expecting to hear trails).

ML10x settings

MC8 settings:

Psych Lead patch

This patch engages a binson effect (Boonar). This one has the output spillover configured.

ML10x settings:

MC8 settings:

Setup like this with “Select Output Spillover” set to “last connected”, I don’t hear trails when going from the Psych lead patch to the drive patch.

However, if I explicitly set the “Psych lead” patch to have “Select Output Spillover” set to “[D Tip] Binson” I hear the trails going from Pysch lead to the Drive patch.

Device Info:

ML10x firmware is: v1.1.2
MC8 firmware is: v3.10.2

Thanks for the detailed report!

Ok I think there’s some misunderstanding about the “Last connected” setting. “Last connected” means the last connected loop (that is active) to the output.

So in your example, the last connected loop is the Ventris in both presets, which is why there isn’t any spillover when you change presets. If you had bypassed both the Ventris and Binson in DRIVE, for example, you’ll hear the the spillover will be connected as such: Binson >> Ventris >> Output

Ah I see, thanks for clearing that up, you’re right - I misunderstood how it was supposed to work.

The rationale is that for trails, if you have a delay going into a modulation pedal and then to the output, if you want the trails to sound the same (modulated delay), both pedals needs to be bypassed.

Happy to get ideas for other use cases to implement.

I think a quick fix to solve this for my current setup would be to remove my reverb out of the last loop, because right now with how I have reverb last and (currently) ‘always on”. I can then purely control the ventris from midi. That would then mean I can then use “last connected” as intended for switching between presets.