[Resolved] Brand new ML10 doesn't start anymore

I have my ML10X for 3 days, I started to program it yesterday with the editor and everything just went perfect. Today I switch on my pedal board and the ML10 display stay in a half lit state and nothing appears on it and of course no signal at all. I plugged in another power supply, no change, even when just connected to my computer.
Has anyone experienced the same problem?

If you connect it to the firmware updater software, does it detect?

If not, remove the 4 screws holding the back plate, you’ll see that there is a tact switch button on the left of the usb port. While connected to the computer, press the button and the device should appear in the firmware updater software.

Upload the firmware: Release Firmware v1.1 · Morningstar-Engineering/ML10X · GitHub

Do drop us an email if the issue continues to persist

Hi James,
Unfortunately, the firmware updater doesn’t detect the ML10 connected directly to my Mac usb port, I have the last version of the updater.
I pressed the switch button as you wrote but nothing is detected. I did it several times without success.
I try with the switch pressed 3 sec while connecting the USB, same result.

To update the topic here, I finally resolved the problem by using a previous firmware updater version (0.9.1) (link below) provided by James which detect the ML10X as “halfkey #XXXXXX)” I was able to connect and update it to v1.1.
Now everything is ok.
Thanks James for your precious, fast and efficient help.
[Release Firmware Uploader v0.9.1 · Morningstar-Engineering/Firmware-Uploader · GitHub]