[Resolved] Axe-edit affecting MC8

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the following:

Using Axe-edit to change presets causes the MC8 to change banks. I went from preset 386 to preset 423 and this caused the MC8 to go from Bank 2 to Bank 3. From 423 to 395 brought the MC8 to bank 13.


Perhaps the AxeEdit is sending out a CC#0 message for bank select, and PC message to select the preset. The MC8 is likely on the same channel and responding to the CC#0 message which is bank down. You can just change the MIDI channel on the MC8

Thanks James, I will try this and report back. I will try that with my other issue again as well.

Hello @james I changed the MIDI channel for PC Send on the axe fx and now everything is working as it should. I look forward to learning how to change channels and modifiers using the MC8 next, but for now it does what I want.

Thank you!