[Resolved] Aux Switches make other switches on MC8 stop working


I’ve got an MC8, and I’m trying to set up a couple of external aux switches.

I’ve already configured the omniports to ‘Aux Switches’, and I’m using a balanced TRS cable from Aux1 of MC8 to a Boss FS-6 (in momentary mode).

For some reason, when I plug in the TRS cable into any of the Aux switches, it makes all of my other MC8 switches stop working like they usually do.

It also seems to activate the preset ‘R’ for some reason. Instead of the ‘I’ which would seem more logical as it’s next in line after the ‘H’ preset.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? Or how to fix this?

Thank you!

Are you sure the switch “polarity” is in normal off (open) setting and double check that momentary is set?

Can you test with a different cable?

EDIT: Ok now I feel really stupid, I changed the polarity on both switches (cause the FS 6 has 2 switches) and now it works like a charm

Thank you for your help!

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