[RESOLVED] Another Blink question


I’m really struggling with Blink, which will be useful to read better on stage. So her’s my particular configuration.

Within a bank, which is set to “clear preset toggle on” i’ve got 12 presets.

Presets A,B,D,E have “preset blink on” and it works like i want (one at a time).

Preset F is toggling page (for Solo) with another set of Presets. Everything is working there too.

On preset L, i’ve set a “go back” button which toggle page and can either launch preset D (Low Sound) or E (Mid Sound). It works too.

But i can’t make D (or E) blink. Apparently the “Engage Preset” action does not make the mentioned preset blink even if this preset in “preset blink on” state.

Any suggestions ?


Ok, never mind i found it.
Sorry, i was calling the bank instead of toggling page.