Resetting to first CC value in the middle of the scroll

I have a patch that is going through selected cc values for the drum patterns. I would like to be able to rest to the original value of zero so I can start the scroll over again. I have a the last message doing that and see the drum pattern on the RC5 rest. But the MC3 is still at the point in the script where it left off. Once I press the button again I go back to the point where it left off. How would I get the MC3 to reset as well?

You can set up an action to engage this:

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Excellent. Thanks very much.

I tried resetting the counter to message 1, which is 0. The MC3 shows that it is on message one, but the RC5 stays on the previous message(The correct beat does not sound). When I release the button again, the RC5 and MC3 go to message 2. Any ideas?

I just checked - yes, setting the index to Msg1 will execute Msg2 on next engage.

Iā€™d recommend putting the Set Msg Scroll Counter as the first message. The example below will reset the counter to Msg1 on Long Press, and then the next set will trigger Msg2 which is the first msg in your scroll list.